22 Cal - 8 Twist - Heavy Varmint - Stainless

$ 335.00

22 Caliber Center Fire Bolt Action Barrel in #17 Heavy Varmint - Stainless Steel

Bore/Groove: .218 / .224 IN Center Fire - 4 Grooves
Twist 1 - 8 IN
Material:  Stainless Steel
Contour: #17 Heavy Varmint - Match Taper
Finish Length: 28 IN
Breech Diameter 1.250 IN
Muzzle Diameter 0.900 IN
Approximate Weight: 7 LBS
Available Services:  
  • Fluting- choose options below
  • Recontour - Ask first with inquiry link below

      This barrel blank is currently unchambered, unthreaded, not yet cut & crowned and has not been fluted.


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