Services for Krieger Direct Barrels

The vast majority of our barrels, including those sold online, are sold as a barrel blank. By this we mean it is a rifled, hand-lapped, finish contoured and polished barrel that still requires some gun-smithing to be installed on your rifle. This means your Krieger Barrel needs to be chambered, fit to your bolt/action with proper head-space as well as cut and crowned. If you require something more than the simple barrel blank we would call that a service. Services have additional costs and lead times associated with them.

Note that the cut and crown involves removing an inch from the muzzle, so the finish length listed for any barrel in our store is always an inch shorter than the barrel that would ship to you from Krieger Direct or with our typical custom barrel order procedures. So, if you order a 26 inch barrel, know that you will get a 27 inch barrel with the assumption you or your gunsmith will remove an inch in the fitting process.

Can I have services performed on a barrel I buy from Krieger Direct?

Yes! Because Krieger Barrels is the one both producing and selling these barrels online, we have a unique ability to perform services on a barrel ordered online.

In some cases it is very simple and the service can be performed quickly as well as paid for and selected immediately online (customer understands our lead time for that service at time of purchase). In other cases we ask that you call in at (262) 628-8558 or click the link "ask us about this particular barrel" to submit an inquiry online that is tied to that particular barrel.

If the services requested can in fact be performed on that blank we may ask that the customer purchase that blank through Krieger Direct with a note referencing the conversation. This will both reserve the barrel for that individual as well as handle the required down payments in a simple and quick manner. When the barrel's services are completed the customer will be contacted to arrange payment for the remainder due. Upon payment, the barrel will ship immediately. 

Note that any estimated lead times given verbally or read from our website assume immediate payment when work is completed. View full policy statement.

We ask that customers do not purchase a barrel from Krieger Direct expecting that a certain service can be performed without first consulting with a member of our technical sales staff. For example, if you purchase a barrel and require that we put a cerakote coating on that barrel when this is a service we do not perform on any barrels we will have to refund your purchase less a restocking fee, or in contrast, if you must have the barrel you purchase fluted but doing so would violate our minimum contour requirements we will have to refund your purchase less a restocking fee.


While we can perform many of our available services on Krieger Direct barrels, there are of course some limitations. For example, we may not be able to recontour a particular blank if that would bring the effective wall thickness of the barrel below our minimum contour requirements. The same restrictions would apply to fluting.

Also, while we offer chambering (rough and short chamber options, with finish chamber for drop-in only available in AR-15) in many calibers we do not offer every type of cartridge, so make sure you check first by calling our office (262) 628-8558 or checking our services page.

If you are looking to have work done on your barrel that requires a parts send in of your action, bolt, muzzle devices etc. we may ask that you go through our custom order procedure rather than Krieger Direct as the lead time for work requiring a parts-send-in tends to be determined more by the time it takes us to receive the parts than the lead time in our shop. Krieger Direct is an easy way to get a popular style of barrel blank fast.

Krieger Barrels, as always, focuses on producing custom barrels that are tailored to the customers needs. Many custom options are available with our online order form and for everything else just give us a call at (262) 628 - 8558.