About Krieger Direct

What is Krieger Direct?

Krieger Direct allows you to browse and buy barrel blanks in popular configurations directly, from anywhere at any time. These barrel blanks are finish inspected and ready to ship within days!

Why Krieger Direct?

Krieger Direct was created to meet the growing need for shooters and gun smiths to obtain the highest quality, match-grade rifle barrels faster. We believe that shooters looking for a standard, popular configuration rifle barrel need not face custom barrel lead times or settle for an inferior product. The goal of Krieger Direct is to get your rifle build completed on schedule, before your match, your hunt or whatever your deadline may be. As time goes on and demand dictates, Krieger Barrels will expand and shift the calibers, twist rates, materials, contours etc. offered for sale online. So if you do not find the barrel you need today, check back or go custom by calling our office at (262) 628 - 8558 or using our custom order form.



Every barrel put into Krieger Direct has been inspected to meet our highest standards for both dimensional tolerance and surface finish. They are made in the same shop by the same people to the same standards. Our satisfaction guaranteed warranty applies to Krieger Direct just as it always has to our custom barrels. The only difference between a Krieger Direct Barrel and a Custom Krieger Barrel is that Krieger Direct ships within 2 days!



The Krieger Direct shopping cart is a third party application hosted by shopify. Their software allows us to post our Krieger Direct barrels with prices and product descriptions and to manage our online inventory. When it is time to checkout you will be directed to the secure environment at checkout.shopify.com (check for the lock symbol in your URL bar). Your credit card information is never stored, handled or seen by Krieger Barrels or anyone else when using Krieger Direct to make a payment. Instead, your payment information is sent off for bank processing wrapped in 2048 bit encryption. 



As with the kriegerbarrels.com main site, our shopping cart utilizes google analytics to provide data to Krieger Barrels about traffic rates and patterns. This for example lets us know that one barrel configuration is viewed more than another or that traffic increases around this time of year etc. Additionally, shopify saves several cookies in your cache that allow the items in your cart to persist throughout a session. View a full privacy statement here.


What if the barrel I want is out of stock or not available in the Krieger Direct store?

Krieger Barrels continues to be a premium, single-point cut-rifled, custom barrel maker. That means the vast majority of the barrels we produce are made-to-order, allowing the customer to tell us what they would like on a dimension by dimension basis. Often shooters choose from our catalog of standard contours and twist rates because these have been designed to catch the needs of many competitive shooting disciplines, hunting rifles, classic rifles etc. in twist rates appropriate for the prevailing bullet weights used in that caliber. We are not strictly limited to our catalog, however, much less to the barrels that happen to be on Krieger Direct at any given time. So give us a call at (262) 628 - 8558  or Go Custom.


What if I need to return a barrel I bought online?

If you are having a quality/accuracy issue, then our standard warranty procedure applies, which means we guarantee customer satisfaction or we will refund or replace that barrel. We simply require the original serial number assigned to that barrel to prove that it was made by us as well as to let us know a little more detail about its original configuration before it left our shop. 

If you are returning a barrel because it was ordered in error, there will be a non-refundable stocking fee assessed to cover credit card transaction fees and time expended to fulfill the order.